Welcome Northwest Montana Lakes Network Volunteers!

We appreciate your dedication and service in making this program a success.

You can collect data and record your findings in one of two ways:

  1. Download the appropriate Field form (Volunteer or ET), OR
  2. Click and submit your data using one of the online forms (Volunteer or ET).

If you are not yet a volunteer and would like to become one, just click on the How to Get Involved tab in the menu bar on your left, download the Volunteer Application form, fill it out and send it to us.

Once your application has been approved as a Volunteer or Environmental Technician you can then gain online access to the Water Quality Indicators or AIS Environmental Technician data entry forms. AIS Volunteer data entry forms are available to everyone.

Please note that you will be given an opportunity to print your completed online form before you submit it to us.

Water Quality Indicators
Data Collection Report Forms
Aquatic Invasive Species
Data Collection Report Forms

For Registered Volunteers

Download WQI
Field Form

WQI Volunteer Online Form Download
Field Form
AIS Volunteer Online Form

For any questions on procedures or instructions, click on the "How to Get Involved Tab/Field Sampling Methods" to your left. Thanks again!

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