Interior Design and Decorating on a Budget

With the rise of so many decorating and DIY shows, homeowners have a plethora of information on making the most of their home’s appearance and style. But it can also be confusing when there are so many choices in colors, sizes, styles, finishes, etc. You might find a great sale on a sofa you love; then you pick up some lamps at a garage sale. Your uncle gives you a piece of artwork you loved as a child. And you find some nice tables at a thrift store. Sounds good, right? Each piece, on its own, is really good quality and attractive.

But something is just not working right! That sofa which looked fine in the showroom is suddenly overwhelming in your living room. Those tables do not go well with your other wood pieces and the lamps just don’t fit the style of your home at all. And Uncle’s piece of art is lounging in the garage. As for paint color, well white is safe isn’t it? Boring! What can you do to salvage all the things you have bought and that somehow did not hit the mark?

Don’t worry, this situation is not unique and is easily fixed.Call an interior decorator who specializes in decorating on a budget. And don’t be scared that a professional is going to cost you lots of money. In the long run, an interior decorator can save you money by showing you how to repurpose things you have and even pulling pieces from other rooms or your garage. She/he will come to your home and analyze what you have, what you want to achieve and your design personality. Sometimes, simply arranging the furniture in a different configuration can make all the difference. She may suggest painting a piece of furniture. Unless it is some valuable antique, painting is not going to hurt the value of most wood pieces. With her trained eye, she may edit your display cases or bookshelves, give you a new outlook with different window treatments and spice up your color palette. With candles, colorful throw pillows,mirors,live plants and some art on those blank white walls (which probably will not remain white; there are too many great colors available to go that route)your room will start to feel more pulled together. The decorator may have inexpensive finds in her stockroom or she may suggest shopping for some pieces, either together or on her own with your input.

Most decorators charge by the hour but with their expertise and knowledge, a lot can be accomplished in a few hours or several days, depending on the size of the job. So you will probably get to keep the things you bought and will see them in a brand new light. And lighting is another important element in design. Your decorator can advise you on ambient vs. task lighting and even create pieces that are uniquely yours.

Let go of the fear of working with an interior designer/decorator. You would call a plumber or an electrician if your house needed them and this is no different. When you look around your newly decorated place that looks like it is ready for a magazine shoot, but still says “Welcome” you will be glad you called.

Interior Designs and Decoration for Luxurious Kitchen

Many people prefer to have a house that is well designed mostly from outside, but what about the home interior? We at Home2decor are the professionals who furnishes you with Latest and luxurious interior Designs and Decorations of kitchen so that you can access to a dream house with a beautiful kitchen and luxurious interior.
Kitchen plays the major role and is the most important part of the house. Can you think of a home without a kitchen? NO, one can imagine a house without a kitchen because every house needs a kitchen as the house is incomplete without a kitchen. It’s like a Heart of the House without which it is impossible to imagine a Dream House.
Kitchen is an only place that required for extreme beautiful along with its utility. Sometimes we opt for eating food in the kitchen along with cooking. There are various activities that take place in the Kitchen where you make delicious recipes so that you can serve your beloved one. The size of the kitchen doesn’t matter rather the beautiful interior design and decoration of your kitchen. It should intelligently design in a well planned way.
Home2decor is the right place where you can meet various types of kitchen and kitchen flooring designs and many patterns. One of them is Contemporary kitchen design with well-planned kitchen themes. Contemporary kitchens are the vast, as we keep modernization and creativity into it. The key components of dream kitchen are beautiful Decorating appliances with customizable cabinets and countertops.
Second one is L-shaped kitchen design that Interior Designers and decorators give you for more comfortable and different outline in L-shaped kitchen. Inspired with several needs to keep up every effort of kitchens we give layouts and designs at home2decor of many trends in triangular way to handle the kitchen work more effectively. Lower and Upper cabinets on every wall of L shaped kitchen. This L-shaped design assists in executing the key elements of kitchen.
Interior Designers in Mumbai is the expert professionals who hold the years of experience in the field of Interior Designing and interior Decoration for your home of dreams so that you can make greatest comfort within your budget. We offer you our top services of interior designing in every corner of our country. Our services include interior designing and decoration of living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, children’s bedrooms, master bedrooms, offices, shops, hotels, commercial & corporate projects and much more in varied places like in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Thane and Bhopal. We also give the services of latest designs of furniture, lot of kitchens patterns & shapes, kitchen flooring, varied colours of wallpapers, every kind of bathroom themes and much more according to your needs and requirements of a dream home.

Your Interior Design Consult

Dear Potential Interior Design Client,

First, I would like to thank your interest in purchasing a 2-hour consult with Inside & Out. I would like to take a brief moment to introduce myself; my name is Denise Landes, proprietor of Inside & Out, Designed Spaces. We are a residential and small commercial interior design company based in Westminster, Maryland. We cater to discerning clients who value superb quality, service, unique custom solutions, and gracious living. We offer beautiful transparent design solutions for everyday living. Our complete decor solutions are comfortable, affordable, and luxurious in design. Whether the project is grand or rustic, rich in tradition or contemporary and undemanding, I will perform with an intimate understanding of your individual needs, and create interiors and exteriors that reflect the style and character of you.

Subsequently, I would like to take a moment to explain precisely what you can expect from your initial 2-hour consult. Please remember that for your initial consult you are allotted a certain number of hours of design advice; if more time is needed, a per hour fee is charged or you may inquire of additional hourly design packages. You will receive a one-on-one consultation in your home. However, I will perform several things first. I must first examine the space (in which I often request that you e-mail photos of your space and a floorplan/blueprint prior to your consult), which requires design or decoration, listen to your needs, determine whether building permits are required for work involved, and then discuss a design that I think will satisfy you.

While utilizing the skills of Inside & Out, I will take the guesswork out of the process. I will work with you to find out your preferences, and then suggest how I can help you achieve the look you desire. That may include:
€ Color consultant – I will discuss your color preferences
€ Creating a list of interior design ideas
€ Purchase and incorporating stunning accessories to provide the finishing touch
€ Redesigning your decor to create a whole new look for your home
€ Sourcing furniture, draperies, wall art, area rugs, fabrics and other products to achieve your desired look

Primarily, I will help you blend aesthetics, or the look and feel of a place, with functionality and use of a space, and will do so in consideration of the available working area, your personal desires, and with your budget in mind. In addition, I can help you decide on color schemes, materials, accessories, furniture or moving of furniture/accessories/etcetera that fit your personality and add aesthetic beauty to your home. Know as your designer, I personally select the paint, artwork, furniture, and materials to be used for your project with input from you.

My mission is to help your vision for design and decoration become reality. However, sometimes a 2-hour consult may not allocate enough time; therefore, I offer additional design packages where you able to select an additional 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8-hour package. Otherwise, you may elect to continue with an hourly rate.

Finally, to proficiently expedite the Consulting Process Service and to help you get the most out of your voice so that you can schedule a design consult, please fill out the attached Client Questionnaire Form, e-mail pictures of your desired space that you are requesting a consult on and provide us with as much information as possible. If possible, please e-mail a copy of your homes’ floorplan.